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Massage Therapy in NW Mississippi and Memphis, TN)

Here is what you can expect when visiting me at Midsouth--Massage in Southaven, MS:

Your First Arrival

Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your first appointment. This allows time to fill out a brief health intake form.

Appointment and Scheduling

Services are scheduled by appointment only. I do often have same-day appointments available to ensure that I can accommodate your preferred appointment time with as much advance notice as possible.


Payment is due at the time of service. Cash, check and debit/credit cards accepted

Arriving Late

If you arrive late to your appointment, you are welcome to receive whatever time is left in your appointment. Generally, I am unable to extend your appointment time beyond the time originally scheduled, although if possible, I will. Regardless of the length of the service actually given, you will be responsible for payment of the full service you scheduled.

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Communicating Your Preferences

Please be sure to speak up!  All aspects of the massage appointment can be modified to your preference, such as pressure (to light or too deep), style of music, temperature, and whether or not to have a conversation or simply enjoy the massage in silence. Please inform me of any special needs or concerns at the time of scheduling. Your safety is important.

Cell Phones

To provide an atmosphere for a relaxing time to refresh and renew, I ask that all cell phones, pagers be silenced or turned off upon entering the massage room.

Sick Policy 

If you are sick with a cold, fever, flu, etc. or have the onset of symptoms of an illness, please reschedule. While in the early and or acute stages of a cold, flu, or other illness, a massage can accelerate the onset of the infection and could intensify the severity. If the infection has peaked and you receive a massage it could cause a relapse. Please wait until you have been well for at least a week before getting a massage.